Tuesday evening dinner - met and greet - discuss Jewish cemetery restoration
From: Jeff Miller (singingtmcomcast.net)
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 06:39:00 -0700 (PDT)

I have made an arrangement for those attending the International Jewish Genealogy Conference (IAJGS2019) in Cleveland to walk to a nearby restaurant and meet in a private room to meet and greet and discuss Jewish Cemetery Restoration on Tuesday July 30. The restaurant is a Lebanese Grill which has a large menu of appetizers, salads, soups, rolled pitas, entrees from their shish grill and other entrees.


You are invited if you like to join us. We are going to meet at the hotel concierge desk Tuesday about a few minutes before 6 pm, and walk about 5 minutes to the restaurant.


Myrna Teck will be in attendance. She was recently present for the  premiere of Tomek Wisniewski ’s 48-minute film, titled “Absent Neighbors” on June 14th, designated as the “start” event to restore the Jewish cemetery in Goniadz. During her time in Poland last month, Myrna met with Piotr Puchta, CEO of FODZ


Dan Oren also plans to be in attendance. He is president of The Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland, founded and registered in the United States of America as an independent, non-profit organization in 2016. The primary mission of The Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland is to protect and commemorate the surviving sites and monuments of Jewish cultural heritage in Poland. A major beneficiary of our work is the Poland-based "Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland", also known as FODŻ.

Projects of The Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland include cemetery and synagogue maintenance and restoration. Through FODŻ, The Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland is supporting renovation of the Old Lublin Jewish cemetery's historical wall, the synagogues at Przysucha and Radzanów, the Jewish cemetery of Trzcianne and installation of a memorial at the Janów Sokólski Jewish cemetery, among other projects.


Tony Hausner, active as a leader in Skala genealogy initiatives, a town from the former Galicia region, will also be in attendance.


Warmest Regards,

Jeff Miller


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